12 Suit Hacks That Will Make Any Man Gorgeously Sexy!

Fashion – one day you’re in and the next day you’re out! This tagline from the famous TV show Project Runaway best describes fashion being a highly complicated and uber expensive industry. From ordinary clothing line to high end designer apparels, each and every one of us wants to look good even if it takes a whole month of salary!

But if you think that girls are the only living creature in this world that go crazy over fashion, better think again because believe it or not, men of today equally shares the same sentiment. They want to look sharp, stunning, gorgeous and SEXY! Going to a well-known fashion designer would definitely help but it will nevertheless bring a huge dent on your pockets. The solution? These 12 ultimate suit hacks that will make you look not just sexy but deliciously fine-looking!


1. Stay away from ill-fitting jackets.

If the shoulder has a divot, the coat is too big; but if it forms an X shape when buttoned, it is too tight!

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2. Leave the bottom button always unfastened

This rule applies to all suits whether it’s a single-breasted coat, two-button jacket or a three-button ensemble.

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3. Check your coat’s length

The arm length should reach the knuckles of your thumb.

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4. Unfasten all the buttons of your suit when sitting

This allows you to sit comfortably and to prevent any damage on the coat.

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5. Go for versatile colors

If you can only have one suit, opt for versatile colors such as charcoal, navy or gray.

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6. Your pants should always fit comfortably

Make sure that you can insert one finger on the waistband. If the pockets flair out, it is too tight; if the hips are sagging, it is too loose.

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7. Check your pants length

It should always have one break above your shoe and no socks poking out while standing.

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8. Lapels matters

For a modern look, go for lapels with narrow notch.

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9. Measure that tie

It should always reach your belt or waistband, nothing longer or shorter!

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10. When it comes to tie colors

It should always be darker than your inner shirt.

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11. Tie’s rule of thumb

This is important because it contours the shape of your upper body!

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12. Pair your suit with a nice watch

Stay away from rubbery, sporty watch. But instead go for a leather or metal timepiece.

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The most important suit hacks amongst all, always get your coat tailored! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a generic coat or a department store-bought suit, as long as it is altered based from your body, it will look good!

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