8 Awesome Dessert Pizzas You Need To Try Before You Die!

Pizza – defined as a flatbread topped with fresh produce, meat and veggies baked in an oven. Although its sounds very simple and nothing extra ordinary, this famous Italian dish literally took the culinary world by storm. In every corner of the street, even on famous 5-star restaurants, you can see big or small establishments offering their own version of pizza.

All meat, pure veggies, classic pepperoni and cheese, Hawaiian delight, manager’s choice, literally there are tons of pizza variants available. I don’t know what’s with pizza but there’s something on it that people from all over the world truly can’t resist. But for those with sweet tooth, they see this classic Italian meal in a whole new different way. Get ready to measure your sugar levels because these 8 awesome dessert pizzas will surely make them spike in an all-time high!


1. Cinnamon Roll Pizza

pizza dessert

2. Caramel Apple Goodness

pizza dessert

3. Raspberry and Brie Pizza Treat

pizza dessert

4. Tempting M&M Cookie Pizza

pizza dessert

5. Nutella S’mores Pizza Topped with Berries

pizza dessert

6. Peanut Butter and Brownie Pizza Fudge

pizza dessert

7. Oreo Cake Pizza

pizza dessert

8. Candied Bacon with S’mores Pizza Delight

pizza dessert

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Who said that desserts are limited to cupcakes and sweetened pastries? Although they are laden with huge amounts of sugar, these mouthwatering and indeed amazing dessert pizzas will certainly remove all your worries away. One slice is enough to take you to heaven! What’s your favorite from the above list? I’ll take the Oreo and Nutella S’mores right away! Hit the comments section below for your thoughts and don’t forget to share this to your friends!