12 Caribbean Hotels and Resorts That Are Simply Paradise On Earth

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One of the best places to hang out and forget the world is the Caribbean, a region below the North American continent that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands, and the surrounding coasts.

Best known for its white sandy beaches and tropical climate all year round, each island offers its own unique experience and culture. When you travel to the Caribbean, you will be blown away by the breathtaking experience.

A nice resort or hotel will create that wonderful experience you have always imagined your perfect holiday to be. Here’s a glimpse of the 12 best Caribbean hotels and resorts residing on this paradise on earth.


1. Cap Maison, St. Lucia

caribbean resorts and hotels - cap maison
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2. Couples Sans Souci, St. Mary, Jamaica

caribbean-resorts and hotels - couples sans souci
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3. Couples Tower Isle, St. Mary, Jamaica

caribbean resorts and hotels - couples tower isle
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4. Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge, Baharona, Dominican Republic

caribbean resorts and hotels - casa bonita
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5. San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Caribbean & The Atlantic

caribbean resorts and hotels - casa san juan
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6. Strawberry Hill, Blue Mountains, Jamaica

caribbean resorts and hotels - strawberry hill
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7. Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, Bermuda

caribbean resorts and hotels - cambridge beaches
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8. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Nevis

caribbean resorts and hotels - nisbet plantation
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9. Sandals Royal Plantation, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

caribbean resorts and hotels - sandals royal plantation
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10. Carlisle Bay, Antigua

caribbean resorts and hotels - carlisle bay


11. Rosewood Mayakoba, Riviera Maya, Mexico

caribbean resorts and hotels - rosewood mayakoba


12. El Secreto, Ambergris Caye, Belize

caribbean resorts and hotels - el secreto

So, are you now ready to travel to the Caribbean and experience a relaxing atmosphere in one of the hotels or resorts above? You could do that with the company of your friends! So go on and share this article with them!

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