10 Simple Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Home Extremely Awesome

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In this vastly growing world, we have been offered different kinds of things which are very useful to us. From big things like the television to small things like car keys, we all have these at home. It is therefore very important and practical for us to be able maximize our home space.

Always remember that every area in your house can be a potential storage area for some things. Yes, that is very true. Previously we gave you 11 Brilliant Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Clutter-free. Now we have here below another 10 useful yet simple DIY storage solutions and ideas on what you can do at home to save up some space.


1. How to Instantly Double Your Wardrobe Space

Have a 2-in-1 hanger with the use of soda can tabs to save up space. Now go buy more new clothes!

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2. How to Maximize Storage Space Out of Every Nook and Corner

If you have joists in your home basement or garage, don’t waste those spaces in between. Cover them with wire shelves for additional space and storage area.

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The Family Handyman


3. How to Prevent Your Closet from Turning Into a Mess

A great space-saving idea for organizing paper towels or cleaning supplies is by hanging a shoe organizer or wire shelves in a closet. No more messy closets!

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Sew Many Ways


4. How to Buy the Right Hooks

Always try to get double hooks, rather than single ones, for organizing your items.  Adding double hooks would mean hanging more items at a single spot, thus maximizing storage space.

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Sew Many Ways


5. How to Repurpose and Reuse a Lid Rack

A perfect way to organize clutch bags is by using a lid rack. Looks pretty neat!

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Ashleigh Money Saver


6. How to Store Your Kitchen Knives

Knives at home are very dangerous, especially to little children. Keep them organized and far away from their reach by using a magnetic rack fixed onto the wall. This allows the knives to dry properly too after use.

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Ashleigh Money Saver


7. How to Create a Secret Hiding Place for Small Items

If you are looking for a secret hiding place for your keys or other stuff, then this one could be a genius storage idea!

useful storage solutions - 7
Ashleigh Money Saver


8. How to Prevent Your Drawers from Turning Into a Mess

Use small baskets to store makeups or other things, especially those small ones within drawers.

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Fancy House Road


9. How to Use Lego’s to Keep Things Organized

Do you have Lego’s at home which have been forgotten inside the box? You can use them to keep your keys, usb cable, or other wires organized. Exercise your creativity!

useful storage solutions - 9


10. How to Store Christmas Ornaments

And since Christmas is a few months from now, this can be a good storage idea for you. You can use egg cartons to keep your Christmas ornaments.

useful storage solutions - 10
Ask Anna

So, are you now ready to apply these useful storage solutions at home? It is a guarantee that your home space will be maximized to the fullest. Share this ideas to your friends so that they too, can learn how to maximize their home space!


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